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International Journal

Control system design for the mock ventriclewith with aortic and mitral valve resistance uncertainty

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Minimal-Drift Heading Measurement Using a MEMS Gyro for Mobile Robots: Fused with Odometry

  • International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, Vol. 10(5), pp.1000-1004, 2012.10
  • Sung Kyung Hong, Sang Cheol Lee, Jae Won Han, Young sun Ryuh


Numerical study on the control derivatives of a high-speed underwater vehicle with X-stern

  • The Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vol. 25(12), pp.1~8, 2011.12
  • Hae Dong Kim, Sung Kyung Hong


Angular Rate Estimation Using a Distributed Set of Accelemeters

  • Sensors Journal, Vol. 11(1), pp.10444-10457, 2011.11
  • Sung Su Park, Sung Kyung Hong


Angle Measurements for Mobile Robots with Filtering of Short-Term Noise in MEMS gyroscopes

  • Transactions of the Institute of Measurement & Control, Vol. 33(6), pp.650-664, 2011.08
  • Sung Kyung Hong, Seung Bin Moon, Young Sung Ryuh


Gain-Scheduled Complementary Filter Design for a MEMS Based Attitude and Heading Reference System 

  • Sensors Journal, Vol. 11(1), pp.3816-3830, 2011.04
  • Tae Suk Yoo, Sung Kyung Hong, Hyok Min Yoon, Sung su Park